Since my last post I have…

  • Continued designing the funnel
  • Made an exciting connection and shared my project with someone who is interested in supporting the project
  • Interviewed the owner of a camper van and toured the van
  • Talked with a group of people about their experiences of using a composting toilet
  • Researched likes and dislikes of composting toilet users

Late Night Breakthrough

Last night at 12:52 AM, I woke up with a potential solution to one of my design questions and immediately grabbed my phone to sketch out my idea. The design is super rough given that I did it while lying in bed without my glasses on, but it’s a good start.

How to design a liquid diverting funnel system that allows the user to stand or sit while using the toilet?

This may seem like a silly question for flush toilet users. However, composting toilets commonly require all users to sit down when peeing, so a solution that allows users to “go” the way they are accustomed to on a flush toilet would be a big advancement in the composting toilet innovation space.

Initial Meeting

Thursday (9/9) marked my first official meeting with my advisor, Leyf Starling, for this independent study!

I have been planning this independent study since freshman year (and I am a senior), so this is a very exciting step.

You can check out some of my preliminary work for this project and my project proposal using the links below: