Pee Splatter, Adventure to Lowe’s, & CAD

Yesterday, I made my first trip to Lowe’s to get supplies! I needed to purchase my solid waste receptacle and a toilet seat to inform the design of my funnel. I had a plan of what I needed going into Lowe’s, but I also explored the store for about an hour looking for other parts. Wandering around was entertaining and helped me practice talking around toilets. For example, instead of saying, “I am looking for a rectangular 2ish gallon pee reservoir,” I said, ” I am looking for a rectangular liquid/gas/water tank that holds about 2 gallons.” I saved myself from concerning the employees at Lowe’s who were kindly helping me and strange looks from the people around me. Although I did not purchase any other parts, looking at what was available and exploring new pricing was very helpful. Since making my project/grant proposal, there have been changes in the supply chain and pricing of materials, so I have been monitoring what is available for my project.

My main focus of this week has been continuing to research the likes and dislikes of composting toilet users, alternative designs, and pee splatter. I have found studies on pee splashback that I will use to influence my funnel design and toilet layout. One struggle that I am working through is finding a consistent unit of measurement. I initially planned on using metric units for simplicity; however, most of the products I am purchasing are in imperial units, so I am thinking of switching over. Getting back into CADing has definitely been an adjustment, but with some more practice over the next few workdays, I should return to higher efficiency CADing. For those of you who are not familiar with CAD, each program has similar tools, but different ways to use those tools (e.g. keyboard shortcuts, selection methods, etc.), so it takes a bit of time to get used to a program if you have not used it in a while.