Researching and Ordering Parts

I have been researching what parts to use for my toilet. My main focus has been finding what I am calling, “the pee reservoir,” which will collect the urine that is diverted when the user goes to the bathroom. The pee reservoir is a crucial part of my design because I am using the weight of the liquid that is stored in it to provide a low center of gravity and increased stability for my toilet. The toilets on the market have the solids stored next to the liquids (side by side). I am going to use a shelf system to store the pee reservoir below the solids chamber. This will allow the toilet to sit at a more optimal toilet height and will decrease the footprint of the toilet overall, which will put me ahead of the competitors in both areas.


  1. Mirella, are you going to be able to use “off the shelf” parts, or will you be designing and printing them all yourself?

    1. Thank you for your question! I will be using a combination of “off the shelf” parts and custom parts. I have been designing and manufacturing the parts that make the function of my toilet unique. I am trying to keep costs down as much as possible to make my toilet accessible to a wider audience, and using some “off the shelf” parts can help save costs and time.

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