Switching CAD Software

I hit a roadblock with the CAD software that I had been using (Tinkercad) and made the decision to invest the time to learn a new CAD software called Onshape. Tinkercad had worked for previous projects of mine, but its tools did not offer me the level of detail that I needed for this project. I was already slightly familiar with Onshape from being a member of 6502 DARC SIDE, the robotics team at Durham Academy; however, I did not know how to operate many of the tools I needed to build my funnel in Onshape. Onshape offers many free online courses to learn the platform, which I have been using to teach myself in addition to attending CAD workshops through DARC SIDE and watching youtube videos over the past few weeks. CAD has a steep learning curve, but I am making progress and with another lesson, I should be able to extrude my prototype funnel. Extruding is the process of converting your sketch (2D) to a 3D model.

I took the following lessons through Onshape:

  • Intro to Sketching
  • Understanding Curves

Through robotics, I have also familiarized myself with all the equipment in the lab again. I practiced my skills by designing and building a catapult for a challenge.